Legal consulting

Servicios juri

The NBA legal team, offers each client the specialized lawyer who can best advice him on the issue he raised, and agrees to assume the leadership of the legal process or arbitration, after both parties are agreed in a budget, while always keeping the client informed at any time.

  • Family law. Wills, divorces, foreign and domestic
  • Legal defense in civil and commercial proceedings
  • Actions before the Directorate of Administrative Procedures
  • Legal defense in criminal proceedings
  • Advisory Planning matters and Real State law
  • Law suits for damages in construction
  • Claims for compensation for damages to property
  • Legal defense in traffic accidents
  • Claims to Insurance Companies in home insurance policies, traffic, or other events or risk covered by the Insurance
  • Legal and Artibration cases and claims for delinquent Homeowners Communities
  • Legal defense of companies and workers related to labor proceedings and work law
  • Management of meetings of creditors of insolvent companies
  • Legal defense in Comercial procedures
  • Claims for Corporate responsability
  • Legal defense of those affected by the banking product "swaps"
  • Legal defense in the preferred banking products