Education in Spain

Costa Iberia provides different services which one needs to get his/her university degree recognized or to get secondary and higher education in Spain. A process of recognition is called homologation. The procedure varies according to the country where diploma was issued.

As far as homologation is concerned our services include consultation about the documents one has to produce and help with submitting an application to the Spanish Ministry of Education.

If you or your children are going to get any kind of education in Spain, we can tell you about all the options one has, help you to choose a school or a university and apply to it. In Spain there is a great variety of educational institutions for all ages. If you want your child to get a secondary education in Spain, you can choose a public or a private school, a Spanish or a foreign one (British, American, French, etc.) If you look for a good university, there are many of them both on the coast of Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Granada, etc.) and in the inner parts of the country (Madrid, Salamanca and others).

Moreover different sports academies have recently become very popular among foreigners. If you would like your child to attend a soccer or a tennis academy, to learn swimming or sailing, we will find the best place where you can achieve this goal.