About us

COSTAIBERIA is a group of companies whose purpose is to promote Spain, its culture and lifestyle all over the world. We help our clients to discover this wonderful country, to find their dream house here and to settle in. We will advise you a school or a university for your children, our lawyers will help you to get a residence permit, moreover we collaborate with the best hospitals on Costa Blanca and Cataluña and can advise where you can get any kind of treatment on your own language. We can also offer and manage different investment projects if you are aimed at diversifying  your portfolio with investments in Spain.

Costa Iberia has 15-years' experience in selling real estate and processing  real estate transactions. During these 15 years we have opened 2 offices in Spain (Barcelona and Alicante) and 3 in Russia. Our professionals will do their best to find for you an apartment or a terraced house, a detached house o a luxurious villa which will comply with all your wishes and demands. As far as investment projects are concerned, in our team there are lawyers and financial specialists which will analyze every project offered and will help you to choose the most profitable and sure way to invest your money.

Our group of companies include:

       NBA consulting 

It is the first company of our group, with which our business began. NBA Consulting is a law company, where financial specialists  and  lawyers from different branches of the law work: civil law, family law, administrative law, criminal law, etc. NBA Consulting specialists process real estate transactions, check that properties have no encumbrances, help our clients to get a residence permit, etc. They also provide various consultancy services such as tax or investment consultancy. 



Selection of properties (to buy or to rent) with your personal  manager. We usually start this work at a distance offering properties by mail, discussing wishes and demands of the client by phone o by Skype. We give all the necessary information about different regions of Spain, about taxes, about documents one need to buy a house in Spain with/without a mortgage loan, etc. Then (in case of buying) we show the properties in Spain and once a property is chosen we start to process the transaction.

After selling a property we never leave our clients unattended. If you need help with paying a property tax or managing your property, our after-sales department will be of service. We can check your property during your absence, deal with utility companies, organize maintenance or renovation, etc. Besides we help our clients to rent their flats and houses.

       SMS (Spanish Medical Solutions)

It is a project aimed at promoting and organizing medical tourism in Spain. We collaborate with insurance company ASISA and 14 hospitals all over Spain.