Legal and consulting services



The professionals of NBA Consulting, are divided according to their specialization in different teams, so they can be more efficient finding the solutions to the problems of our clients.


  • Processing of real estate transactions.

    Advising in questions of mortgage loans, checking that the property has no encumbrances, the preparation of the deed, signing of the deed in the notary, consulting about rental contracts, etc.            

  • Investment consultancy.

    Consulting about purchase of commercial real estate or business, processing of corresponding transactions.

  • Tax consultancy.

    Help with tax returns, accounting and tax audit, management of tax obligations of self-employed professionals and legal entities.

  • Management of residential communities and condominiums.

    Insurance, maintenance and reparation of the common elements, such as gardens, swimming pools, driveways, etc. Formulation in several languages of the Acts worked out in General Meetings of the Owners.


  • Immigration law

    Help in applying for the residence permit and citizenship in Spain

  • Civil law

    Legal defence in civil proceedings (including proceedings initiated by traffic accidents), claims for compensation for damages, claims to insurance companies, help in disputed will cases, etc.

  • Family law

    Divorces, guardianship rights, prenuptial agreements, etc.

  • Criminal law

    Legal defence in criminal proceedings ((including proceedings initiated by traffic accidents)