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We will look after your flat in your absence. All kinds of after-sales services are available: from dealing with utility companies to organising renovations

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Legal and consultancy services

Call us and we will solve your problems.

Education in Spain

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Study in one of the best universities in Europe. We will help you to choose and to apply.

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And we will help you to get the necessary permit to live here, studying, working or just enjoying.


Who are we

Costa Iberia is a group of companies whose purpose is to promote Spain, its culture and lifestyle all over the world. We help our clients to discover this wonderful country, to find their dream house here and to settle in. We are a team of professionals in real estate business. We have 15-years' experience in selling real estate and processing real estate transactions.

What do you get

Working with Costa Iberia you get high-quality services, unique experience and developed infrastructure. We answer your requests quickly and start working on them at once. We can help you with any question concerning life in Spain: from buying a flat on the coast for holidays to investing money in any kind of investment projects. And the lawyers and financial specialists from NBA Consulting guarantee that all the operations you make with us will be safe and successful.

Why with us

When buying a house one needs to value it correctly and to get a better price using reasonable arguments. We help you to get the best conditions. Once a property is chosen one has to think about processing a sale and purchase transaction, financing, paying taxes. We help to solve all this questions. After buying a house one has to deal with utility and insurance companies, the tax office, sometimes with architects o interior designer. We help to communicate with them. And after all living in Spain one needs a residence permit, a good school for children, a hospital, etc. We can help and YOU can rely on us.


  • Barcelona keeps the Mobile World Congress until 2023

    The current contract with GSMA, up until 2018, is to be extended. Barcelona has been holding the mobile phone congress since 2006 and the 2015 edition had an economic impact of 436 million euros.

  • IMF on Spain: Recovery has gained traction

    Spanish growth, well above the euro area average, has surprised the IMF on the upside (GDP growth is seen at 3.1% in 2015 and 2.5% in 2016). And reforms have boosted confidence, business investment and consumption. 

  • Spain Approves Citizenship Path for Sephardic Jews

    The Spanish Parliament approved a long-awaited law devised to open the way for citizenship for thousands of Sephardic Jews whose ancestors were expelled in 1492.


  • Buying costs

    After a careful search, you have finally found the property that ticks all your boxes and you have decided to go for it. What are these expenses and where is your money going? Read on for a simple explanation of what the famous 11-13% consists of.

  • Sale and purchase agreement

    So you have chosen a real estate object to buy. Here you can read what steps the process of buying consists of and what you should pay attention to.

  • Purchase of real estate in Spain

    When you come to Spain, you will meet our English speaking, professional staff who live and work in the area. With our extensive local knowledge and experience, we ensure that you get the best possible advice in connection with your visit.

    An inspection trip, with us, will give you a thorough insight into both, what the Costa Blanca / Costa CaliBrava region has to offer and it will enable you to view relevant resale and new housing projects.